TRIVIUM Perform Without MATT HEAFY; Watch It Here

Is it a Transformer?

Trivium’s Matt Heafy is skipping some shows of the tour because he wanted to stay more time with his family. Praise to that! His temporary replacements are Howard Jones, Johannes Eckerström, and Jared Dines.

Matt wrote:

“That was one of the most surreal moments of my life. To be home awaiting the arrival of my kiddos, while my band mates play with some of my favorite musician friends on Earth.

“Howard has always been one of my heroes and idols, Johannes in one of my favorite bands, Jared one of my favorite content creators and musicians.

“I – from the bottom of my heart – thank Howard, Johannes, Jared, Paolo, Corey, Alex, and all our incredible supporters so much for everything.

“I was shaking with happy nervous joy. I am staggered and humbled by my friends doing this for my family and I. I will tell my kids this story and show them that show.”