Trouble – Simple Mind Condition Review

This album “Simple Mind Condition” breaks the 12 year hiatus from its previous album, and here reviewed, “Plastic Green Head.” To say “Simple Mind Condition” breaks the 12 hiatus clearly isn’t enough because this isn’t a simple album, it’s a double album that makes a return to Trouble’s roots which is our beloved Black Sabbath. But not any Black Sabbath effort. To be more especific “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” and “Sabotage” era from the guitar overtones to the vocals, from the songwriting to the instrumentals. Many things here address to Black Sabbath and their legacy in a way only Trouble can do. I’d say a Sabbath with more acidity in the songs. Thanks to the guitars that give a psychelidic mood to the songs and to the pungent vocals.

This double CD comes with one CD with new songs and the other CD only with live songs where Trouble can showcase all their heavyness and power. Ok, let’s talk about CD1 the one with new songs. As I said before “Simple Mind Condition” is very different from in “Plastic Green Head” many ways. Sabbath’s influences and tribute are clear here, it wasn’t so in the previous album. There’s no doubt about it. Album opener “Goin’ Home” gives all the hints about how the album will be. The striking and sharp guitar riffs give the fan an opportunity to taste the band’s ability on riff making. By the way, second track “Mindbender” delivers another influence that may fans haven’t noticed until now that is the mighty Nazareth. It’s initial guitar rifing reminds a lot “Hair of the Dog” – my dear fan if you don’t know Nazareth please take a look. Wonderful 1970’s band. There’s also some swing with “Seven” a track that goes away from the Doom Metal definition.

“Simple Mind Condition” is thicker and pungent. The acid guitars and the psychedelic vocals give the album its identity though very linked to Black Sabbath’s. Of course, as my dear fan knows, it’s not a critique, it’s just an observation and a way of telling you what I hear in the album. By the way, the album cover is fantastic. So enigmatic and meaningful.

Trouble “Simple Mind Condition” was released on May 20th via Hammerheart Records.

Track Listing:


  1. Simple Mind Condition
  2. Goin’ Home
  3. Mindbender
  4. Seven
  5. Pictures of Life
  6. After the Rain
  7. Trouble Maker
  8. Arthur Brown’s Whiskey Bar
  9. Simple Mind Condition
  10. Ride the Sky
  11. If I Only Had a Reason
  12. The Beginning of Sorrows

CD2 – Live In Stockholm
01. R.I.P.
02. Come Touch the Sky
03. At the End of my Daze
04. Plastic Green Head
05. Fear
06. Memory’s Garden
07. The Misery Shows (Act II)
08. Psalm 9
09. Run to the Light
10. All is Forgiven
11. Psychotic Reaction
12. The Skull
13. Revelation (Life or Death)
14. The Tempter

Watch “Mindbender” video here: