Trumbiten – Out Review

What the band name Trumbiten has of fancy, the album tittle “Out” has of simple. In fact, “Out” is such a name to a Metal band as it can mean a hell lot of things. Just pick one. The more simple, the better I have to say. Well, my fan knows that I never make puns with the names of bands. No, never. And I won’t begin today.

What the name “Out” has of simple, the music is pretty much more complex. The 1980s Hard and Heavy have a big presence here. Some actually would label it Melodic Hard Rock just to use the up to date labeling. I wouldn’t go that far. There are more Heavy Metal elements in the band than Hard Rock. However, the grip, the intent, the will to power is pretty near Hard Rock. I mean that force that drives a band thought it doesn’t match the music. In fact, after the second listent to “Out” I found many features of Iced Earth in it especially the vocals. As I said, the will to power of the band it’s the power of Hard Rock, but the music is Heavy Metal.

I guess it was the mood on first track “Break Out” that made me think this way. The song has a hard grip and some riffs made of stone. It is the kind of song that the fan would state as real hard. But the resemblance of the vocals is really scary, if you know what I’m saying. “Eagle Inside” sounds a lot as Iced Earth early albums, an era that I appreacite a lot. There is also some Iron Maiden intent in “Out,” the EP. When I say intent I mean that Iron Maiden may be a hidden influence giving the album the spice that make it stronger. It is a fact that many bands in the 1980s had some influence of Iron Maiden. Some more, some less. Maybe it’s the guitar work that made me think this way.

I recommend the fan to go right to “Run,” the track that for me tells more about Trumbiten and their will to power. A straight guitar riffing, exciting vocals and solid guitar solos. For the ones who don’t know the band, “Out” is a really great appetizer.

Trumbiten “Out” will be released on September 24th.

Track Listing:

  1. Break Out
  2. Loner
  3. Eagle Inside
  4. Run

Watch “Fear Me” official video here: