URBAN INSTINKT Releases New Single, ‘Istinom Sam Vođen’

Urban Instinkt Band

After announcing the single and title track of their upcoming album “Bijes,” Bosnian rapcore band URBAN INSTINKT showcased the situation in their country from their perspective, the band presented the second single “Istinom Sam Vođen,” which is available below.

Band comments on new single (translated from Bosnian by Metal Addicts): “The song talks about how to put an end to the hatred and lies that are served daily, brainwashing and various demagogueries while the common man suffers and lives in constant fear of everything around him.

“Also the message of this song is that people need to look at other people through the eyes of their children because children do not have instilled hatred in them when they come into this world. All the children of the world are the same, and it is our duty to teach them to become better people, not to make of them individuals who will hate someone tomorrow because they are different from him.

“We must put an end to all these ugly things for the sake of our future and the future of children, regardless of race, gender and nationality, and never bow our heads to injustice and hatred.

“Istinom Sam Vođen” was recorded and produced in Cirith Ungol studio under the watchful eyes of Dražen Kecman.


Mirza Čardžić — bass, vocals
Edo Muminović — guitars
Mirza Halilagić Mita – guitars
Sead Hadžić – drums