Used Car Salesman Refused Selling Car to ALICE IN CHAINS’ JERRY CANTRELL Because Of The Way He Looked

Who among us never had this experience? Who has ever been to some place and people looked weird to you? Just the other day I was to a fast food restaurant and the attendant looked at my T-shirt as if it was from the outerworld.

Well, it also happens to our beloved stars. Jerry Cantrell told Motor Trend the time he went to buy his first car in a used car store due to the revenues of Alice in Chains’ “Facelift.”

Take a look in what he said:

“I remember having cash in the bank to write a check – not put it on a plan, but actually to buy it, that’s what I wanted to do. There was a sense of pride that I had earned the money to do that and that I could – that was special.”

“And it’s funny because the first car lot that I walked on, the guy wouldn’t even let me get in the car because of how I looked.”

His looks? We all know: long hair, combat boots, long johns under cut-off jeans, leather jackets. The usual. He added:

“I’m like, ‘Dude, are you serious? I’ve got cash to buy a car, a brand new car. I don’t have to have somebody to cosign it. I need to buy a car.’

“So I looked across the street – it was an auto row area – and I’m like, ‘You just lost a sale, dude. I’m going to walk across that street, I’m going to buy a car. I’m going to come back over here and I’m going to show it to you.’

“And I did. I walked across the street, bought a f**kin’ Ford Explorer, and when I got the paperwork done, I came back by the window and probably flipped him off and then drove off. [Chuckles]”