Usurper – Lords of the Permafrost

One of the many things I’m different from other reviewers is that I like to tell my first impressions on the band I’m reviewing. For first impressions you may understand zillion of things from the art cover to what I thought about the band’s name. Sometimes it’s worth mention, sometimes it’s not. In fact, I like to mention when it’s not really relevant…

Well, in this case of Usurper it might be relevant at all. My first thoughts were that they were a NWOBHM band. You know, the thing is that I don’t know most of the bands I review. I have to accept that. The problem is that I have a slight memory of some bands I knew in the past, and Usurper were one of them. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t totally wrong about them. Usurper do have their NWOBHM moments besides their low-tuned guitars and graspy and howling vocals which happens to be very low-tuned as well. Musicwise, Usurper follows unusual NWOBHM patterns. Though they do sound like it.

There are tracks in “Lords of the Permafrost” that stand out as the punkish chorus of “Mutants Of The Iron Age” with its interesting drum fillings the way Neil Peart loved to do and unusual guitar squeaks. “Mutants Of The Iron Age” is the most track exquisite track of “Lords of the Permafrost,” if I may. Opening track “Skull Splitter” begins with some oriental chordly instrumentals that soon are replaced by a strong low-tuned  chordly almost martial guitar riffing. From where I’m standing it’s the heaviest track of all. Pay attention to the mesmerizing and frenetic guitar riffing in the middle.

“Lords of the Permafrost” is an interesting experience if you’re looking for a band that doesn’t follow regular standards. Usurper are this band indeed.

“Lords of the Permafrost” Usurper will be released on March 22nd via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

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