VAMPIRE: Release Of ‘Cimmerian Shade’ Mini-LP Announced


After a couple of months of silence, Swedish death metal tyrants VAMPIRE return with a new sign of life. On September 25th the band will release the 4-track MLP “Cimmerian Shade”. This MLP will be released on 10″ vinyl as well as digital download/stream. With “Cimmerian Shade” VAMPIRE continue walking the path they have chosen with their self-titled demo (2012) and last year’s debut album, offering ghoulish, horror-ridden Nordic death metal spiced up with some sinister South American thrash metal parts and an omnipresent eldritch atmosphere. But “Cimmerian Shade” also shows a departure to unconquered shores by adding an epic touch to the music, which so far hasn’t been an essential part of VAMPIRE‘s sound. Here is the track list of “Cimmerian Shade”:

Side A

  1. Pyre Of The Harvest Queen *
  2. Sleeper In The Deep (instrumental)

Side B

  1. Night Hunter
  2. Hexahedron

* known from the “Whispers Through The Black Veil” LP-only compilation (Wyrd War, 2014)

Cover artwork was done by the very talented Dilek Baykara, which you can see below.

One track of the MLP will be launched on August 28th.  And the pre-order for “Cimmerian Shade” starts on that day, too.

Watch out for golden and silver vinyl versions! Both are limited to 100 copies only and available at CM Distro Europe (golden vinyl) and CM Distro US (silver vinyl) exclusively!

In case you have missed it: Check out VAMPIRE‘s excellent video of the song “The Fen” (taken from the self-titled debut album) below: