Vandor – On a Moonlit Night Review

Did I not say that it’s possible to guess a band genre by its name? Haha. When I looked at this archieve abd saw the name right away Power Metal poped up in my mind. And voilà! I was right from the beginning. Well, I guess some bands’ name don’t take too much. That’s exactly the case with Vandor and “On a Moonlit Night.” Sorry, I almost confused Vandor with Zandor, the leader of The Herculoids – a cartoon from the 1960s. Hum, I’m getting too old for this. Sorry again.

What we have here is a Power Metal band with a strong accent of Symphonic and Pop because the band doesn’t spare on the sugar as in the ballad “Future to Behold” and “The Sword to End All Wars” which reminds ‘the war to end all wars’ created by H. G.  Wells to mean the WWI which was the war to end all wars. History proved that to be so wrong. More importantly, I sensed a great respect and influence from the mighty Angra a mandatory band for all Power Metal bands in this sad and pathetic and lonely little world. Add epic to the list of features that the fan will find in this “On a Moonlit Night.”

Sometimes the fan may find this “On a Moonlit Night” a little sugary as the album plays on. Yeah, I agree with that as well. However, the band knits so beautiful and grand textures that nake the album mandatory. Take a look at the instrumental passages, most notably the bass and the keyboards in “The Sword to End All Wars” and tell me what you, my child of the night, think of it. By the way, I didn’t notice how long this track was. I wrote about two lines above and thought it was over when I was about to comment this. Great vocal perfomance as well. I have to say that this track got me. All the doubts and whatnots I though were too much tunred out to be essential. I take out the sugary feeling I had before. “The Sword to End All Wars” is a great track and it makes the album worth it.

I still think Power Metal is predicable, but some bands as Vandor are making me change my mind. That’s great. I love to be contradicted and proved wrong. The tittle “On a Moonlit Night” may be cheesy but the album is good. Believe me.

Vandor “On a Moonlit Night” was released on July 16th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Darkness Looms
  2. Mountains of Avagale
  3. River of Life
  4. Endless Sea
  5. Future to Behold
  6. Fate of Eltoria
  7. The Sword to End All Wars
  8. On a Moonlit Night
  9. Enter Twilight

Watch “Enter Twilight” official video here: