Verthebral – Abysmal Decay

Here’s another band that does justice to the name. Verthebral reminds something solid, but still, flexible enough to do everything it is expected from. Verthebral, the band, is solid, hard, raw, consistent and punchful – a violent straight-to-your-face music via a Raw Death Metal that very few bands dare to make these days.

“Abysmal Decay” is pretty much monolithic in all its ten tracks, except for the short, but efective “Obsidian Tears” that embellishes the album. Musicwise, it is as raw as it is possible to be these days that fans demand the band to play their best. Verthebral are not a band of virtuosi, that’s for sure, but their musicians do the best they can with interesting guitar interventions and great double-bass drumming specially in “My Dark Essence” that has an interesting change of tempos conducted by the aforementioned double-bass drumming. For instance, title track “Abysmal Decay” uses as main guitar riff a simple guitar drill that guitarists generally use to warm and pratice. No offense taken. There are thousands of songs that follow that path. I’m only saying that Verthebral were smart enough to make use of a simple, but effective drill. We metalheads know that simple is also great, and Verthebral make it also efective. By the way, the solemn and martial cadence of “Testemony of Hate” does a pretty good figure. Guitars and drums again do the best work possible.

Verthebral and “Abysmal Decay” show that  Death Metal hasn’t reached its peak yet and there is also a lot to burn. Never doubt the power that comes from Death Metal bands because there is really a lot to happen and water to go under the bridge – hum, now I sounded like my grandmother. Death Metal is the living dead that refuses to be killed or to die – hey, living deads are dead already.

Verthebral “Abysmal Decay” will be released on December 27 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ancient Legion
  2. The Art of Perversion
  3. Abysmal Decay
  4. Isolation Room
  5. Coronation of Envy
  6. Absence of a God
  7. Sweet Home Illusion
  8. Obsidian Tears
  9. My Dark Existence
  10. Testimony of Hate

Watch “Abysmal Decay” official video here:

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