Vilnius Prosecutor’s Office Drops Investigation Against RAMMSTEIN’s TILL LINDEMANN

Till Lindemann

RAMMSTEIN can now breathe a sigh of relief as the public prosecutor’s office in Vilnius, Lithuania has decided not to initiate any preliminary proceedings against band’s frontman Till Lindemann, according to Bild. After examining and evaluating the data, the prosecutor’s office concluded that there was no basis to launch an investigation, and that the decision was legally and appropriately made.

Shelby Lynn (24) from Northern Ireland made claims of mistreatment and abuse of power at RAMMSTEIN concerts. Subsequently, several other young women also spoke up about their similar experiences. However, the band has refuted all allegations through their legal representatives.

The recent scandal involving RAMMSTEIN emerged when accusations of abuse were leveled against Till Lindemann. Young female fans claimed that they were handpicked by a Russian “casting director” named Alena Makeeva to attend exclusive parties with the band, particularly Lindemann. These women alleged that they were groomed and sexually assaulted by Lindemann at these events, with some also accusing him of drugging their drinks.

Despite the public prosecutor’s office in Vilnius deciding not to pursue any proceedings against Till Lindemann, the frontman of Rammstein, the band is still facing serious consequences. Book deals have been cancelled, the record company has halted all promotional and marketing activities, and people are protesting outside their concerts.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, investigations into allegations of sexual coercion under Section 177 of the Criminal Code against Till Lindemann are still ongoing.