VINNY APPICE: SHARON OSBOURNE Would Beat WENDY DIO In Hypothetical ‘Throw-Down’

Drummer Vinny Appice (HEAVEN & HELLBLACK SABBATHDIOLAST IN LINE) was recently interviewed by WSOU where he was asked who would win in a “throw-down” — Wendy Dio or Sharon Osbourne, to which he responded:

“I think SharonSharon‘s bad-ass. I wouldn’t mess with SharonWendy‘s pretty tough, but Sharon, she’s had a lot on her plate over the years, and she dealt with it, and she didn’t take any s**t. Sharon doesn’t like CarmineSharon despises CarmineOzzy likes Carmine — Ozzy likes both of us — but Sharon doesn’t like Carmine because he played with Ozzy and she didn’t like the way things were turning out, so she kind of fired him, and then Carmine was able to sue, so she definitely didn’t like that. When I played with him years later, she kept going, ‘Oh, you’re so much nicer than your brother.’ I thought that was funny. But she was real sweet to me, and very lovely, and Ozzy [was] the same way. I’ve got nothing bad to say about anybody.”

He was also asked why it took so long for him to record an album with his brother, fellow drummer Carmine Appice: “We did a lot of drum clinics together over the years, and they were very successful. We never really got a chance to really put an album together. We were always on different schedules and busy, so it never worked out schedule-wise. We were trying to book more gigs and do more touring with the ‘Drum Wars’ project, and [it was] suggested, ‘If you guys did an album, that would make it more of a band thing’ — more of, “Okay, these guys are serious.”‘ In January of last year, we started to have time open, so we started putting our heads together and recruiting our friends and getting songs together and riff ideas and everything like that. Really, the schedule opened up and we were able to put both our heads together and get this going.”

Listen to entire interview below.