VINTERSEA Premieres ‘Old Ones’ Music Video


To celebrate today’s release of their sophomore album Illuminated, the Portland, Oregon-based VINTERSEA – whose crushing progressive metal draws heavy inspiration from the darkened skies of their native Pacific Northwest – have unveiled a new music video for the record’s epic second track, “Old Ones.” The clip can be seen below.

Like other songs on Illuminated, “Old Ones” deftly mixes progressive metal with elements of black, death and post-metal, which led Invisible Oranges to praise VINTERSEA for mixing a “Scandinavian flavor with a distinctly Pacific sound reminiscent of AGALLOCH and other more progressive moods.”

Says VINTERSEA vocalist Avienne, “Powerful, crushing, and beautiful – those are the themes that you will find in both the song and video for ‘Old Ones.’ It is an anthem about forging your own path in your journey through life despite having the odds stacked against you. ‘Old Ones’ may welcome you with a somber, melodic greeting, but it quickly anchors you down into a reality of blistering waves through chugging riffs, intricate drum work and vocals that tell you the bleak yet hopeful truth.”