Vorgrum – Last Domain

a2948173581_10  Folk metal has always had its own ups and downs with bands trying to make it sound all new and more fancy than what it already is, but sometimes just some straight metal with folk elements in there is all you need for success. That’s what Vorgrum have done with their latest album “Last Domain” – folk metal with more of the “metal” but enough of the “folk” to satisfy folk metal fans like myself.

“Last Domain” kind of reminded me of Northland with the obvious folk metal factor because of the added instruments and effects, but the vocals are very black metal-like so it gives a nice rough texture to the sound of the music that I don’t typically see a lot of nowadays.

The varying sounds that are found throughout “Last Domain” are good because then no one sound bit is repeated once and that gives the album a sort of longevity that is hard to do much less do it right and make you excited to hear the next song, and that was the case with “Last Domain” which was very well done for folk metal.

“Last Domain” can be streamed via Bandcamp here.


Track Listing:

  1. Unleashing
  2. Legacy of the Ancients
  3. Drunkard Anthem
  4. Last Will
  5. Troll Villa
  6. Desert Knight
  7. Legions from Niflheim
  8. Scaring us to Death
  9. Potato Troll
  10. Ancient Rulers
  11. Clockwork of Decadence
  12. Schwarzwald