Vote For The Metal Addicts’ Top Albums of 2020!

Metal Addicts Albums Of The Year 2020

What an absolute f*ck of a year it has been, everyone. With the very world seeming content to constantly set itself on fire in many different ways what felt like every other week, relief was by and far something that many of us were searching for more than ever before. While everything else was running around like chickens with their heads cut off, the steady and always reliable flow of metal has been something that we could rely on without a single moment of wavering doubt! Every name has been saviors in their own rights in these times, and it is now that we again call upon you ravenous listeners to have you pick your favorite albums of 2020 that propelled you through these times!

Sadly and as always, we are but a small team here at Metal Addicts so there is no way for us to have heard everything that is worth hearing out there is the vast reaches of all that metal encompasses for there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to account for such listening. These selections are such that we are extremely happy with both in their quality and diversity to give you all an immensely varied selection to choose from, and I know for a fact no matter who wins, every band on this list must be heard for their near life-saving gifts that they’ve all provided this year.

Please, go down below and vote as much as you like for whoever you please, and here’s to not just a brighter future in 2021, but more mouth-smacking metal than ever before!

You can vote once every hour for up to three albums. Poll ends Dec. 27