War Gods Of The Deep – Action Space Battle

War Gods Of The Deep and “Action Space Battle” have a familiar sonance. The kind of music that reminds you something but you can’t exactly posit it in your head. This feeling comes from the the extreme dextery of War Gods Of The Deep which travels freely in the past and comeback to the present with extreme ability. It’s that cozy and warm feeling of home I mentioned before in my past reviews. That’s what one feels when listening to “Action Space Battle.” This “feels at home” feeling comes more specifically from the vocals applied to all songs. They are the trick that makes one feels comfortable with the music War Gods Of The Deep are playing because it’s the glue that links all ten songs of “Action Space Battle.”

“Transmission” is the song that starts up with “Action Space Battle” and it is a great invitation card due to its intimistic and deep mood. Guitars are heavy and metalized but vocals and chorus take away much of the agressive tone of the guitars making the song deliciously cozy. The kind of song you want to listen when you don’t want to worry, just fun. The slow and simple guitar solo in the song of it gives even more the touch of relaxing. No offense, okay? War Gods Of The Deep are a band that do it wonderfully. As a matter of fact, bands don’t have to always be agressive. Musically, better yet, the guitars are strong and big if listened individually, but the whole instrumental plus vocals sweeten the outcome. No offense again. “Sons of the Serpent” happens to be almost a Speed Metal song if one analyses only the instrumentals, but there is a small touch that makes it delightful, and I’m not taking it for granted. Sometimes that’s what one needs. “Life Coach” comes to reassert all those feelings of cozyness I mentioned before with its singalong chorus and anthemic mood and cadence. A song to listen and hum. A highlight to the guitar phrased riffing. Memorable.

The thing about War Gods Of The Deep is that they heavyly inspired by sci-fy comic books and their characters. Their music reflects it and maybe, just maybe, that’s the reason “Action Space Battle” sounds so cozy. I feel the warmth of it here in my chair while writing this review. Good music is made to make you feel emotion. I always say that.

P.S. – Though War Gods Of The Deep don’t mention it, the sequence of tracks seems to make “Action Space Battle” a concept album. I may be wrong, of course.

War Gods Of The Deep “Action Space Battle” will be released on September 17th via Astro Dragon Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Transmission
  2. Sons of the Serpent
  3. Life Coach
  4. Beautiful Oblivion
  5. The Machine
  6. Done
  7. Light of your Soul
  8. Burn the Misery
  9. One of Us
  10. Horizon