WATAIN Announce Selected Dates Across Europe And New ‘THE WILD HUNT’ Vinyl Edition


WATAIN have announced selected dates across europe and new ‘THE WILD HUNT’ Vinyl Edition.

In their own words: “We can now announce that in December this year, we will be performing Casus Luciferi in its entirety on a few select dates across Europe. These concerts will be done together with Mayhem, performing the entire De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
The reason why there are only 6 dates is that these venues and promotors were the only ones across all Europe who had the guts to take on this tour package. All honour to them. Meanwhile, those that were too scared and morally subdued to accept the nature of the tour will keep on rotting in fear. For they know well that the law and order they are so desperately trying to uphold by boycotting Black Metal, is about to collapse.
Join us in December and witness the sacred horrors of the past come to life yet again… Black Metal Chaos awaits!”

WATAIN’s latest album “The Wild Hunt” will be available again August 19th, 2016 on Black and Clear Vinyl. You can  pre-order at this location

Vocalist Erik comments band about Casus Luciferi, the band’s second album that they will perform live:
“Casus Luciferi descended in our world in a most solemn and profound manner, and shaped Watain into something different and otherworldly. Things became very serious with this album. Not only for us as band and the way we did things, but even more so for our spiritual and philosophical approach to our work. It brought a sense of stern direction, a pale hand pointing into the darkness.
There are things on Casus Luciferi that come from distant nameless places, arcane and malevolent in nature. Revisiting those and chanelling their energy is what primarily motivates this tour. We have never performed an entire album live before, although the idea has always been tempting. There are also songs from the album that have never been performed live, and that will now finally come to manifest.
One of the most influential albums for the writing process of Casus Luciferi came out 10 years earlier, “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” by Mayhem. The fact that the two albums will now be performed together, 13 years after our album came out, certainly fits into the sacred synchronicity inherent in Casus Luciferi and in Watain itself.”

Casus Luciferi was released by Drakkar and Norma Evangelium Diaboli, and has been reissued on LP and CD by Season of Mist. It was recorded by Tore Stjerna in Necromorbus Studio, Sweden. 3 of the 8 lyrics were written by members of Antaeus, Funeral Mist and Katharsis. The album has been hailed as one of the most influential Black Metal albums of the 2000s.

WATAIN live:
13.12.2016 L’Etage, Rennes, France (with Mayhem)
14.12.2016 Le 106, Rouen, France (with Mayhem)
15.12.2016 Trabendo, Paris, France (with Mayhem)
16.12.2016 Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Eindhoven, The Netherlands  (with Mayhem and more)
17.12.2016 Progresja, Warsaw, Poland (with Mayhem)
18.12.2016  B90, Gdansk, Poland (with Mayhem)