Watch A Brutal Performance By Southern-Metal Band MUD FACTORY

Mud Factory
Photo credit: Angelina Kacunkovic

Southern-metal band MUD FACTORY did 30 minutes of brutal performance for music web-show Balkanrock Sessions.

MUD FACTORY opened in 2012 and has been producing dirty riffs and ripped voices ever since. So far, the achievements of this southern metal band include two EPs, Born For Doom (2013) and Project Extinction (2015), and then the first album, Sins Of Our Fathers (2020). Due to the quality, invested effort, and international recognition, MUD FACTORY was included in the list of the best metal bands in Europe according to the YouTube channel “European Metal Channel.” In addition to their sound products, MUD FACTORY is also known for organizing Factory Fest, a festival with the idea to bring metal bands from Balkans at one place.

Balkanrock Sessions is a music web-show with the aim of presenting a variety of alternative artists mostly from Balkan region. In addition to the music, interviews are also an integral part of the show, through which they look back at the everyday thoughts and challenges faced by bands from the Balkans.

MUD FACTORY participated in their third season with six other bands. In the first two seasons, you could hear 15 different bands that played over 100 different songs and also discovered interesting things from their careers.