‘What KISS Had Between ’75 & ’77 Was So Incredibly Magical’ Says Marty Friedman

Shouldn’t be Kiss in the pic?

Wow, man. I couldn’t agree more. Though Kiss is a now a pale figure of what they were, they are still my heroes. Kiss will be always in our memory and heart. Ok, I’ll let Marty do the talking (he talked to Mitch Lafon):

“The first couple of [KISS] concerts I saw when I was a kid just absolutely blew my mind and set me off on a musical path, which I’m very thankful for.

“And then when I saw ’em again on that reunion tour – some other people can probably share the feeling – it was like watching a friend who had died come up from the grave and be living again; it was so weird.”

“Imagine seeing ‘Rock and Roll Over’… you’re, like, 12 or 13, and you see ‘Rock and Roll Over.’ That’s gonna mess you up.

“They were so incredibly great at that time. And this is just my opinion, but between the two live albums, [1975’s] ‘Alive!’ and [1977’s] ‘Alive II,’ they were so unbelievably great that if even a fraction of that magic still existed now, it’s worth checking out.

“And I think that’s why it’s still worth it to keep playing because what they had was so incredibly magical at that time that it just will never die. I mean, it’s one of those things.

“Of course, things are different, times are different, they play different songs, the technology is different, the players are different, things are a little bit different, but when I saw ’em at that reunion show in ’96 at Madison Square Garden, I swear to God, if you just…

“You don’t even have to blur your eyes a little bit; you just open your eyes and you were there in that super-, super-magical moment. It was just an amazing thing.

“And I think that magic period of time between ‘Alive!’ and ‘Alive II’ has allowed them to continue to spread that to different extents to many, many generations, and I have nothing but appreciation for the work that they’ve put into doing that.

“Because they could have stopped anytime and just hung out in Hawaii, or whatever, and just had an easy life, but they’re still working. I have nothing but appreciation and highest regard for people who work like that.”