WHEN I SAY JUMP Share New Music Video For ‘King Of Thessaly’

When I Say Jump

Emo/post-hardcore quintet WHEN I SAY JUMP has shared a new music video for their latest single “King of Thessaly.” The band, inspired by the 2000’s alternative scene, takes scathing, witty punches at toxic relationships and vices, often through a queer lens.

“King of Thessaly” is When I Say Jump’s follow up to its critically acclaimed debut album, Separation Anxiety, and features production and engineering from Jamie King (Between the Buried and MeAlesana, Motionless in White). The track also marks the addition of Lucas Daprile on guitar and the budding production of guitarist and vocalist Brennen Monk.

We really wanted to keep the raw emotionality of ‘Separation Anxiety,’ but also push ourselves to create something more theatrical and polished,” said frontman John Davis. “‘King of Thessaly’ is indicative of where we’re going, and what we’re about; I couldn’t be more proud of it.

“King of Thessaly” references a Greek myth where a king clears a forest to create a feast hall, and in the process angers the goddess Demeter. She curses the king with an unrelenting hunger that grows with each bite. He sells everything to satisfy his appetite — even his own daughter — to no avail. Ultimately, the king devours himself.

The music video for “King of Thessaly,” produced and directed by Jaiden Frost, adds a morbid spin to the myth; a cannibal cult that lures victims in with opulence and wealth. Even their own members are not safe. In the end the cult sacrifices one of its own members to satisfy its own undying hunger, showing that even those close to the leader are not safe.

WHEN I SAY JUMP is currently at work on their sophomore record and plan to bring their unabashed brand of emo screamin’ into 2020. Listen to “King of Thessaly” now on Spotify.