Who Is JAMES HETFIELD’s New Girlfriend?

James Hetfield And Her Girlfriend Adriana

The intrigue around METALLICA singer James Hetfield‘s romantic life has finally been solved. The woman in the intimate photos with him has taken to Instagram to share her name and her feelings.

This has been a matter of interest for some time, particularly following his divorce from Francesca Hetfield after over two decades of marriage. He seems to have found a new love, as recent photos show them looking very happy together.

James Hetfield New Girlfriend

Until Adriana Gillett‘s recent post, her identity was still a secret. Her post confirmed their relationship and put an end to all the speculation. Fans are now talking about the heartwarming declaration of love she shared in the caption of the photo of the couple.

She wrote in her post: “This man melts my heart and soul. I feel so blessed for all the joy, love, and pure happiness he brings to my life! The unforgettable memories made bringing in the New Year in such a magical place with the one I love; I am forever grateful for. Good things come to those who wait! Thank God for answering my prayers.”