Wild Heat – Hustle Review

First thing that comes to my mind while listening to “That Night” as a reference is Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me.” My dear child of the night might find it odd – the funniest and interesting thing is that I do agree – but I’m a fan of Poison. Really, I am. I know there was a time to say something like this to a man it was a reason for a fist fight or, at least, to rule that friendship out for good. Poison, in kind words, gave Metal music a bad name. Well, not that much because some fans don’t consider Poison Metal. I, on the other hand, really do. The fact is that Poison’s music is fun. A lot of fun. I happen to like the message the band passes besides its musicality. Ok, many, again, wouldn’t agree with me but I do like the way Poison’s musicians do things. It’s simple, but effective. Exactly like Wild Heat “Hustle,” an album with lots of fun. Metal music has to be fun as well. Funny thing is that no band I’ve ever reviewed here put Poison as an influence. One thing I really can’t understand. This train has already left the station for some time. It must the bad name.

As I said before “Hustle” has lots of Poison’s influences. One of them and the most evident is the rock features as in album welcomer “Red Lights” with its flamming atmosphere. The guitar solos immediately addressed me to Poison’s C.C. DeVille’s. Same overtones except the whammy bar effects. Same energy happens to following “That Night” where Carlos Goggin uses the same licks and vibratos. Of course, as my dear child of the night, I don’t mean ill when I say that some song reminds some band. My intention is only to make a a mental connection to my dear child of the night so s/he can understand what I’m saying. It’s never easy to put into words music.

Are there other influences to Wild Heat besides Poison? Yeah, of course. No band is the outcome of only one band except for all the AC/DC’s covers. And there are lots of them. “Filthy Love,” for instance is one of them. But only influence, if my dear child ot the night knows what I’m saying. No emulation. There is some Def Lepard here as well from “On Throught the Night” era – the best for me. “Hipnotized” does the trick. But Poison lead the way… I insist.

Wild Heat “Hustle” was released on October 28th via Distortion Project Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Red Lights
  2. That Night
  3. Shame on You
  4. Long Gone
  5. Filthy Love
  6. Hypnotised
  7. Hustle
  8. Crazy
  9. Let Go

Watch “Hustle” official music video here: