WINDSWEPT Premiere New Track ‘Gustav Meyrink’s Prague’


WINDSWEPT, the Ukrainian black metal formation founded by DRUDKH mastermind Roman Sayenko, are premiering the second track from their upcoming album The Onlooker. The song “Gustav Meyrink’s Prague” can be streamed below.

Conceived by DRUDKH mastermind Roman Sayenko in cooperation with two fellow band members, black metal force WINDSWEPT have returned with their second full length. The Onlooker is to be released via Season of Mist Underground Activists on February 8, 2019.

Sayenko’s latest brainchild, WINDSWEPT, came into being in 2017. As this project stays within the classic expression of Ukrainian black metal, the band shares some similarities with legendary DRUDKH. However, the main goal for the three musicians is to express their creative ideas by improvising and capturing these sounds with the raw and authentic feeling of a live performance.

The Onlooker track listing:

1. I’m Oldness and Oblivion (Intro)
2. Stargazer
3. A Gift to Feel Nostalgia
4. Disgusting Breed of Hagglers 
5. Gustav Meyrink’s Prague 
6. Insomnia of the Old Men     
7. Times of No Dreams & No Poets 
8. Bookworm, Loser, Pauper     

Windswept The Onlooker
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