WINTERSUN Starts Crowdfunding; ‘The Forest Seasons’ Available For Pre-Order Now

Today, Finnish epic melodic death metal masters WINTERSUN launch their crowdfunding campagn to raise funds for their own headquarter studio. You will have time until March 31st to pre-order the “Forest Package” for 50,- € directly from the band, which includes the digital high quality files of the new album »The Forest Seasons« as well as the instrumental version of the release, a version with isolated tracks and both their last two albums with a remastered sound. In addition you will also receive the audio of the band’s impressive show “Live At Tuska 2013”.

Watch the campagn video of WINTERSUN including snippets of new song material here:

Support the band and help them reach their crowdfunding goal by contributing on INDIEGOGO at this location.

Front man Jari Mäenpää states: “Here it is guys!!!
We welcome you to change the future of WINTERSUN and the WINTERSUN fans for the better! We are doing this crowdfunding campaign by working directly with you guys to take WINTERSUN together to the next level. We are offering you an amazing crowdfunding package called the “Forest Package”, which has a lot of epic content including our 3rd full length album “The Forest Seasons”.
Please go to our Indiegogo page to check out our crowdfunding video to learn more about our vision for the future, about our new album and all the great stuff we are offering! And remember, this deal and the crowdfunding will last only this month, ending on March 31st 2017! Make sure to watch the whole video! Music from the new album throughout the video! TURN UP THE VOLUME AND ENJOY!“

In July, Nuclear Blast will release the physical formats of The Forest Seasons” (the pre-order will start soon) and on the same day, you will receive the download link for The Forest Package” if you purchased the album directly from the band.