WOJTEK Releases New EP, ‘Does This Dream Slow Down, Until It Stops?’

Wojtek Band

The sludge-metal combo from Padua, Italy — WOJTEK — have released new EP Does This Dream Slow Down, Until It Stops?

Does This Dream Slow Down, Until It Stops? is a follow-up to WOJTEK‘s last year’s full-length Hymn for the Leftovers.

Band comments on the EP: “4songs born from the boredom and frustration of 2 lockdowns, violent, direct but at the same time reasoned and introspective, written straight after the injury of Morgan (one of the two guitarists), with the hope of being able to play them live soon. Today’s situation and the lack of human interactions have made us dig even deeper into our favorite topic: human misery.”

Co-produced with: Shove Records, Teschio Dischi, Fresh Outbreak Records and from two international labels, the Scottish Ripcord Records and the Spanish Violence In The Veins.

Does This Dream Slow Down, Until It Stops? can be streamed below via Bandcamp widget. Album is also available as the limited edition tape, which can be ordered here (you should hurry up if you want one).

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