WOLFGANG VAN HALEN Slams REELZ Over EDDIE VAN HALEN ‘Autopsy’ Episode: ‘F**k Everyone That Works On This Show’

Wolfgang Van Halen Eddie Van Halen

Earlier this week, it was announced that Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Eddie Van Halen, will premiere on Sunday, June 5 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT,

The episode is part of Reelz‘s “Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…” documentary series, which purports to “reveal the truth behind the controversial deaths of global icons and people whose untimely deaths were surrounded by scandal and intense media attention,” according to the program’s official description.

Now, Eddie Van Halen‘s son, Wolfgang, took to Twitter and wrote following about TV show: “F*ck @ReelzChannel, f*ck everyone that works on this show, and f*ck you if you watch it. F*cking disgusting trying to glamorize someone’s death from cancer. Pathetic and heartless.”

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Eddie Van Halen official description reads as follows: “On October 6, 2020 the world was shocked by the news that guitar legend Eddie Van Halen had died. A rock prodigy with a boyish charm he was never more comfortable than when he had a guitar in his hand. Known as the founder of VAN HALEN, the band that became synonymous with California cool, Eddie was actually of both Dutch and Indonesian heritage.

“His family moved to California from the Netherlands when Eddie was a child. Eddie came to America without knowing English but by the time he was 25 years old his band had sold multiple platinum albums and his innovative guitar techniques cemented him in rock and roll history. But behind his contagious smile there was a darker undercurrent that would plague Eddie throughout his life.

“As an extremely shy kid Eddie started drinking alcohol at just 12 years old to calm his nerves after seeing his father drink to calm himself and for the next four decades Eddie wrestled with addiction issues. Often relying on alcohol and other substances to maintain his creativity Eddie would spend many years in and out of rehab. He was a workaholic often pushing his body to the limits in order to perform while secretly battling illness. 

Eddie died at the age of 65 from cancer but if caught early Eddie‘s disease had reasonable survival rates so what exactly happened? Now renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter will analyze every detail of his life in order to piece together what else may have been going on in his body, ultimately leading to his untimely death.”

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