Wolves Den – Deus Vult

I keep on writing that when extreme metallers abdicated the chase for the speed of light, about in the mid 1990’s, they played a huge role on the genre renovation and improvement. Purists don’t agree, of course. And then, there was enough time  left to worry about other things, for instance, improving their musical skills. Wolves Den’s Deus Vult is a great exemple. The opening track, “Gedeih und Verberb”, after an intro named “Via lustorum”,  is epical. Refine your ears and listen carefully to what the drummer Manuel Di Camillo does with his equipment. Pay attention to all the changes in tempos around every piece of his kit; snare, hi-hats, double drum bass pedals, double drum bass. Wow! Astonishing! This guy is the highlight of “Deus Vult” in so many ways.

Do you want to turn a friend into a black metaler? If so show him “Schwarzes Firmament” and let him delight himself with all the criativity, instrumental tempo paces, guitar lines and suberb vocals. If he dislikes it, try no more! He’s forever lost!

And so goes on this shinning piece of modern black metal. Less speedy allows you to finally create a real atmosphere of sonorous caos, of the darkest feelings of mankind. Dante’s Inferno is very well represented here. You can image all the seven strats of hell as he told. Also all the anguish, fear, despair, grief, sorrow, cry, and pain, so much pain that is left on this poor planet ground. Listen to “Grau wird Nebel” and close your eyes. Feel the music and sense the fear coming. Wolves Den’s Deus Vult is a great job. The same quality level found in other more famous bands.

Just one more thing: the art cover. Dark, superb, shining black , and provocative.

Sorry, I can’t forget to add “Sieche”. Wonderful!

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Track Listing:

  1. Via lustorum
  2. Gedeih und Verberb
  3. Schwarzes Firmament
  4. Deus Vult
  5. Grau wird Nebel
  6. Dysterborn
  7. Sieche
  8. VobsCum
  9. Mortis