Wombbath – Agma Review

Wombbath are already a Death Metal institution. Notwithstanding the band has had its ups and downs in its career. As the Encyclopaedia Metallum says “[f]ormed by Richard Lagberg, Roger Enstedt, and Tobbe Holmgren in 1988 as The Shadows, playing covers. They changed name to Seizure when Tomas Lindfors and Håkan Stuvemark joined. The first song they wrote was “The Grave.” Played their first gig on February 1st, 1991. The band shifted to a more death ‘n’ roll-influenced style on their 1994 EP. After this, a full-length LP was recorded for Napalm Records, but the band didn’t hear back from the label so it wasn’t released. The band then recorded a final 2-song promo before breaking up.” So, a lot has been going on with the band for the years passed. Now they’re back again with an album that is musically outstanding. It’s not only the instrumentals which go a little ahead, but also the combination with old school Death Metal. Also the background voices in some tracks that sound as little demons conjuring. “Agma” has a striking mood. A kind of presence I’d say. An album that doesn’t take much to be absorved by the fan even with some difference sonancies. “Agma” is determned, “Agma” is resilient,  “Agma” is strong as hell, “Agma” is here to prove that Death Metal is still extreme.

As we all know a stapler of Death Metal is the growling and harsh vocals. Though some bands try to change this adding some different features it’s hard not to keep the tradition. As aforementioned Wombbath added their own contribution in tracks as “Misantropi Och Förakt” where there’s a somewhat outwordly choir that dissonates. The effect is very interesting I have to say. Not to tell the instrumental surprises as in “Breathe in the Flames” when the fan can tango in a while… Ok, just for a little while. And what to say about the violins in the intro of “The Age of Death” which are stopped by a cadenced and killer guitar with a dark and grim vocal. The slow cadence of the song is just something, my dear fan. Slow, but intricate and puzzling with such an effect.

“Agma” brings surprises to the death metaller fan. But they all add interesting contributions to the band’s music. And to Death Metal. Wombbath really went farther with their intent of dealing with different tempos and cadences. “Agma” is dazzlinga gift to the loyal fan.

Wombbath “Agma” will be released o December 31st via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Law of Everything
  2. At the Giant’s Feet
  3. The Seventh Seal
  4. Inquisition Reborn
  5. Blindly They Follow
  6. A World of Destruction
  7. Misantropi Och Förakt
  8. Breathe in the Flames
  9. The Age of Death
  10. Oh Fire of Hate
  11. In Decay They Shall All Fester
  12. Divine Pain
  13. The Dead and the Dying
  14. Departure from the Light
  15. Scorned Existence
  16. On a Path of Repulsion

Watch “A World of Destruction” official video here: