WOMBBATH To Release New Album ‘Choirs Of The Fallen’ In March; New Single Available


Nearly two years after The Great DesolationWOMBBATH are back with their fourth full-length album, Choirs Of The Fallen. The album will be released on CD, digital, and limited edition vinyl formats March 6 via Soulseller Records. Stream first single “A Vulgar Declaration” below.

Choirs of the Fallen features 10 tracks of full force death metal mixed by Maestro Tomas Skogsberg at the legendary Studio Sunlight. A penetrating mix of death metal sounds that will appeal to all fans of non-nonsense Swedish death metal, Choirs of the Fallen is the genuine article, complete with chainsaw guitar tone!

hoirs of the Fallen comes with a new lineup. On guitar is Thomas Von Wachenfeldt, known from WACHENFELDT, session bass playing for ENTOMBED, and his work arranging the Entombed Symphony. On bass we find Matthew Davidson who took over after Johan Momqvist left in early 2019. Matthew is known from REPULSIVE VISION where he plays guitar. Jon Rudin of JUST BEFORE DAWN has been punishing the drums with the band since 2018. We can say without hesitation that WOMBBATH is now a rock solid team.

  1. Fallen
  2. Crawling from the Pits
  3. We Shall Remain
  4. A Sweet Taste of Death
  5. From the Beggars Hand
  6. Void
  7. A Vulgar Declaration
  8. Wings of Horror
  9. Choirs of the Damned
  10. In a Cloak of Anger
Wombbath Choirs of the Fallen