X-Tinxion – From the Ashes of Eden

csm_8718503560427_5bc91c570f  Thrash metal has its ups and downs, that much is as much an obvious statement as “there’s air everywhere”. Every day there’s something that comes out that can definitely be classified as either good or bad depending on a person’s taste, but then naturally there’s stuff that falls directly in the middle for plenty of people. X-Tinxion’s new piece, “From the Ashes of Eden”, is of the latter for me. This over fifty minute long album of thrash metal definitely has its pro’s about it that’s no doubt, but they come with their own set of cons that, for me, weigh down the overall experience. X-Tinxion manage to have an impeccable sound throughout the eleven total tracks that are “From the Ashes of Eden” in such a way that you could only describe it as intriguing to say in the least, and with multiple sets of vocals, included one done pretty damn well by a woman, you could a pretty solid variety with the vocals more so than you’d typically expect. The parts that drag down the record though have to be the fact that in true thrash fashion X-Tinxion have longer songs with plenty of them clocking near or over five minutes long, and while that could normally be a good thing these tracks just feel so thin before even being half over, and that gives it a drawn out feeling that just isn’t good for any album at all. Then the fact that for me the first track is the best track really sucks because nothing else stands up to par with the fantastic feel that you’re presented with at the beginning of the record, albeit the remaining ten tracks are solid even though they’ve still got the aforementioned problems. These problems, however, aren’t permanent and those that are gotten rid of with experience and the more albums a band puts out, and I’ve no doubt X-Tinxion will at some point or another come to the point where those problems are nonexistent. “From the Ashes of Eden” certainly is something to check out bar its problems, but every album has its issues one way or another it someone’s eyes so I encourage you to investigate this piece because it’s got just enough spice to where I absolutely recommend to anyone looking for something different yet familiar.

You can purchase “From the Ashes of Eden” via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Amalgamation
  2. Survivors of Hell
  3. Severed from Heaven
  4. Genetic Sickness
  5. Uniformity (feat. Marloes Voskuil)
  6. Eden
  7. Narrow Path
  8. Civilised
  9. Destruct & Reanimate
  10. The Divine (feat. George Oosthoek)
  11. In Progress