You Can Now Buy A Life-Size Replica Of The Demon Dog From Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters demon dog
GHOSTBUSTERS, Zuul, 1984, (c)Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Are you a huge Ghostbusters fan and have a good income? Then there’s some good news for you since there is a pre-order on a life-size replica of one of the movie’s so-called “Terror Dogs,” the servants of Gozer.

The announcement comes as Ghostbusters is celebrating its 35th birthday and work is about to start on director Jason Reitman’s new movie in the franchise. The filmmaker revealed Saturday afternoon that the stars of the original Ghostbusters have read the script of his new film in the franchise. “Sigourney [Weaver] has read the screenplay… Dan [Aykroyd] has read it… Ernie [Hudson]’s read the script… Bill Murray has read the script,” he said.

Pre-orders can be placed at this location for a price of $499.99

You can check some of the photos below.