Zero Theorem – The Killing II Review

There’s no way in denying that the name Zero Theorem is very attractive to a Metal, even more I guess if it is a Modern Metal band. “The Killing II” is also an attractive name for an album. A fun fact about the band is that they only released EPs during their career. They are three so far with this new one. By the way, of course, there is a The Killing I.” EPs are a fast, and cheap, way bands find to reach their public and not to wait for a full-length, which is something that can take years depending on the moods of the market and the ups and downs of life itself. This one has five short ones in an average of three minutes or so.

“The Killing II” kicks off with groundshaker “Joke” whose guitar intro shows everything Zero Theorem got in terms of punch and aggression. The contrast between the electronic effects in the background – sometimes not only in the background – is pretty amazing and it’s the thing that amazes me the most. The duel of voices is also a feature that attracts me and the band does it very well. In my opinion basslines are also a highlight here due to the potencializied effect they get with all the noises and effects added. By the way, this idea of adding noises to songs is fantastic and second track “Swarn” show how they can be very used in a song especially when contrasted with some clean guitars as it happens here all the time. Following track starts as dark as “The Future” Zero Theorem see – well, in some ways I do too – with some electronic effects and a rough downtuned guitar riff which makes it even tougher. The gloomy future the band sees is something we have in common, and I guess all Metal world do too. I can’t see how not to glimpse a different one. From where I’m standing it’s the best track of the album. Short and effective. That’s the way kids do it today. At times too short and soon, but effective anyway. In “Translucent” it’s the voice of vocalist Caesar that shines in many ways proving that the well-singing is still a desired ability. It’s hard to me to think otherwise, if you ask me. The grand finale is with “Waiting” that begins with the feeling of a 1970’s 10cc’s song with its soft and sweet intro. The song changes a little after the intro, but soon we noticed that 10cc’s part is actually the main part of the song. Well, it changes a lot the mooding of the album taking it to another level.

“The Killing II” is a great option if you’re in Modern Metal and Zero Theorem are a band that promise.

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Zero Theorem “The Killing II” will be released on January 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Joke
  2. Swarn
  3. The Future
  4. Translucent
  5. Waiting

Watch “The Killing” official audio here: