ABYSMAL GRIEF And “Blasfema Secta” Are Geting Out of the Abysm

“Then while the flood of moonlight still fell on the marble tomb, the storm gave further evidence of renewing, as though it was returning to its track. Impelled by some sort of fascination, I approached the sepulchre to see what it was, and why such a thing stood alone in such place.”

Two years after their last album Italian dark sound’s masters ABYSMAL GRIEF uncover their dusty coffin to reveal the 5th album of their haunted career. More gloomy than ever, ABYSMAL GRIEF has crafted 6 long new tracks (plus intro and interlude) that will cast the listener into a misty void of cracked tombstones. The sound of a violin, that will be featured in another track too, is the prelude to the impending horror: sulphorous riffs and menacing (equally growling and high pitched as in their trademark) vocals perfectly intertwine with lugubrious keyboard that will haunt you along these 37 minutes of sepulchral Doom Metal, achieving what it could be considered their most sinister album to date.
Horrific like claws drawing near your neck, “Blasphema Secta” embodies all the bleak elements that made ABYSMAL GRIEF a well renowned and respected band and represents a step further down the damned path leading to the sepulchre. Beware the emissaries of the netherworld!

Track Listing:
1. Intro (The Occult Lore) (3:25)
2. Behold The Corpse Revived (9:55)
3. Maleficence (8:43)
4. Witchlord (9:19)
5. When Darkness Prevails (5:18)
6. Ruthless Profaners (8:31)

Regen Graves: Guitars, Synths
Labes C.Necrothytus: Vocals, Keyboards
Lord Alastair: Bass
Lord of Fog: Drums