Abyss – II

How much can a single title hide a very complex music, and yet so simple and easy? Abyss “II” single name both band and album which hide within a complex Death Metal oriented music, but still with so many touches of a peculiar gentle sonance.

“Apotheosis,” the very first track, is a great example of what Abyss were hiding from us all those times. It starts sweet and gentle noted with some acoustic guitars to in a sudden burst into a complex and carnivore Extreme Metal music. “Apotheosis” is only one face of this multifaceted album. It’s the gentle and delicate one, however hiding the aggression we all have within. Following track “Beast of Burden” shows another Abyss’s face, the monstrous one with high-speed drumming and killing guitar riffs. However, “Beast of Burden” hides the sweet face that lies underneath all of us. But it is almost unseen to a naked eye. There’s a pounding drumming which interweaves all the song does the work of hiding and disguising all the precious gentleness inside.

Abyss are such a band which please the ones looking for a musical carnage but, yet, please the ones who look for some kindness. A rude and impolite kindness as “Death by Thousand Cuts” shows. Death Metal is very complex way of expressing human feelings. That’s why so many can’t understand it. It’s only for the initiated, as if in an ancient cult which reveals secrets hidden from the rest of humanity. Abyss represent Death Metal as anyone else could. “II” is an album with relevant mixes of the extreme and the pleasant, as it is life itself. Never forget that.

Abyss “II” was released in 2018 independently.

Track Listing:

  1. Apotheosis
  2. Beast of Burden
  3. Death by Thousand Cuts
  4. Bow to Chaos and Damnation