Afraid Of Destiny – Agony

Afraid Of Destiny are what is called an atmospheric black metal band. But the songs have a different pace that diverges them from the most. Sometimes they remind me a lot of Satyricon. The songs received a special care with sound effects which are present in almost all songs and make you go away into your mind. I guess “Agony” is a piece to listen alone in the solitude of your bedroom. As some modern BM bands, Afraid Of Destiny chose not have guitar solos in all their songs. I respect that, it shows some personality. It’s really nice when a band tries the harder to be on a different path. When they struggle to stand out of the crowd. That’s what Afraid Of Destiny do a lot in “Agony”. One cannot say they’re a BM band listening only to the instrumental parts. “Sweet Illness Of Mine” is the one which drove lots of my attention. It tastes a lot like 1980’s bands like The Cure and Joy Division. A very unusual influence. And I have to say that Afraid Of Destiny got it better. To close the act we have “Outro”, a very nice instrumental piece with a classical flavor. Another thing: Afraid Of Destiny tried hard to put it in the songs an atmosphere of agony to be true to the tittle. And they nailed it! The agony begins by the art cover, which is someone in a blur as many of us are. Reality sometimes can be bluered and that’s what “Agony” invites us to think it over. To look for the evil inside us. To seek an evilish beauty that lives inside our self. “A Journey Into Nothingness” shows it perfectly.

Well, “Agony” is about agony, but there was no agony in listening to it!

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. A Journey Into Nothingness (Part 1)
  3. A Journey Into Nothingness (Part 2)
  4. Rain, Scars, And The Climb
  5. Autumn Equinox
  6. Hatred Towards Myself
  7. Into The Darkness
  8. Sweet Illness Of Mine (Lifelover cover)

You can have a bit of the band here: