ALEX MEISTER ‘Rock and a Hard Place’

Alex Meister is a guitarist, songwriter and producer with more than 30 years inside of the music business and is also a well known teacher for more than 25 years. One of his personal achievements was being voted by the public as “Best of the year 2020” on renowned Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew.

He already released six albuns, which are his pride and joy. Two solo albuns: “Alex Meister – My Way” (2011) and “Rock and a Hard Place” (2022); three with the hard rock band Pleasure Maker (“Love On the Rocks,” in 2004, “Twisted Desire,” in 2008 and “Dancin’ With Danger” in 2018); and one with his project Marenna-Meister called “Out of Reach” (2020).

These albums were released and distributed in places all over the world like North America, Europe and Asia.

Band Line-Up:
Alex Meister – Guitars & Vocals

Additional Guests:
Cris Gavioli – Bass
Mark Santana – Bass
Sidney Sohn – Keyboards and Programming
L A. Tilly – Drums
Adriano Morais – Drums

Alex Meister – Rock And A Hard Place (2022)
Marenna-Meister – Out of Reach (2020)
Pleasure Maker – Dancin’With Danger (2018)
Alex Meister – My Way (2011)
Pleasure Maker – Twisted Desire (2008)
Pleasure Maker – Love In The Rocks (2004)

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