Alluvial – Sarcoma Review

My dear fan knows that I’m the type of reviewer that pays attention to all details in an album. Hum, pretty much all details… Well, I couldn’t help it to notice that sarcoma is a type of cancer, a rare tumor of the bones and soft parts of the body. I’m pretty well aware that some Death Metal bands like to use names of deformities or diseases to name thier albums, but it’s always a shock. You know what I’m talking about. And the intent is pretty much to shock. That’s okay.

It’s just to break the ice and start the review.

“Sarcoma” is very invasive as the cancer it does the homage. And pretty aggressive as well. I’d say that the album is also comprehesive because Alluvial surf through a lot of styles inside Metal music including some Modern features vocals in “Sleepers Become Giants” which, by the way, has a pretty decent guitar solo. But, for instance, following track “The Putrid Sunrise” has some features of Technical Brutal Death Metal with its ferocious guitars and corrosive vocals. There is also some room for experimental tracks as “Ulysses,” “Sugar Paper” and “Anodyne.” What do they all have in common? Spetacular guitar work using some pretty interesting guitar techniques. In a way and ity’s interesting to raise the bullet, tittle track “Sarcoma” reminds a lot System of a Down in their intensity. I guess no chemotherapy is capable of diluting this fast-spreading disease Alluvial bring.

From track one the fan will notice that Alluvial with “Sarcoma” deliver an interesting combination. A combo that delivers some cutting edge tracks combined with a refined guitar work. In this corrosive and contagious combination Alluvial try, and get it, unusual sonancies. It’s not an easy album to digest and some may receive as bad news as the name of the album recalls. Of course, there are standard, or near that, tracks as “Thy Underling” that adds some groove into the melting pot and steaming hot cauldron of influences. So infectious and dangerous as the name of the album. Hum, wait a minute. Cancer isn’t infectious, however, this “Sarcoma” is.

Alluvial “Sarcoma” will be released on May 28th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ulysses
  2. Thy Underling
  3. Sarcoma
  4. 40 Stories
  5. Zero
  6. Exponent
  7. Sleepers Become Giants
  8. The Putrid Sunrise
  9. Sugar Paper
  10. Anodyne

Watch “The Putride Sunrise” official video here: