Alpha Tiger – Alpha Tiger

The general opinion about bands with leading keyboards was not the best during the 1980s. Then the 1990s came with all the keyboarding grace in most of metal driven subgenre, even in the blackiest metal bands and that bad impression caused by light metal bands changed slightely. Keyboards are now an important and prominent tool to help metal musicians in writing, creating and darkening their songs. Because of all the technology improvements made to the instrument, imagination is the limit to its use. Alpha Tiger are a band that prove us that. Alpha Tiger with the selfentitled “Alpha Tiger” could manage to avoid that cheap and cheesy emotions that we are used to hear in most keyboard driven bands which it doesn’t matter naming.

Under the sweet and gentle name of “Aurora,” the band brought back all the emotion from 1970s protometal bands like Uriah Heep, which as we all know it, is not a common reference to metal bands. Alpha Tiger are a band of prominent keyboards, and that’s what gives them their single and unique sounding. The opening track, “Road To Vega” is almost linked to “Comatose” forming an epic duo with a grandious sounding atmosphere. They’re both strong, hard, and even if, catchy tunes. But you already may think: “Ah, but keyboards are boring, just the same tones.” You’re flat wrong my friend. Keyboards for Alpha Tiger are the leaders along the guitars each song, and that means they bring a different sonority, different tones, featuring an extra tool to empower Alpha Tiger music. You add that to creative and resourceful guitarists that learned how to use all that forgotten 1970s tricks as in “To Wear A Crown.” Simple phrasing, sometimes with open chords full of drives, or simply flourishing as in “Vice” with bald and direct phrases allowing the singer to perform his magic. Check it out the guitars wonders they do in “Welcome To Devil’s Town” mixing hard rocking guitars with flamenco guitar playing.

Most will say that Alpha Tiger “Alpha Tiger” is one more retro band with a retro sound. But nah, wrong again. Alpha Tiger are a powerfull band that having drinking profusely in the fountains of the past came back with some music of, and for, the present.

Track Listing:

  1. Road To Vega
  2. Comatose
  3. Feather In The Wind
  4. Singularity
  5. Aurora
  6. To Wear A Crown
  7. Vice
  8. Welcome To Devil’s Town
  9. My Dear Old Friend
  10. If The Sun Refused to Shine
  11. The Last Encore

Alpha Tiger “Alpha Tiger” will be leading the tiger’s pack on August 25th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Watch the official video for “Comatose” here:

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