Alphakill – Degrees of Manipulation

I confess that before I started writing here I was in a bad mood with Thrash Metal. I just can’t explain what happened. But listening to a bucketfull of amazing bands I have since then, I completely changed my mood. There are amazing Thrash Metal bands that are kicking arses. Take this Alphakill “Degrees of Manipulation” which is a lesson on how Thrash Metal has to be performed. Incisive guitar interventions in large and generous doses to make anyone astonished with the quality and ferocity of the guitar duo Justin Stear and Jon Warren who play fast when it has to be and slow and cadenced when called. The guys do one thing that I really love in Metal music which are the guitar duels. Go straight ahead to last track “Ghost” and listen to the insane duel they perform.

“Degrees of Manipulation” is an album that is kicked out as Speed Metal with “The Straw Man” even with the thrashy vocals. By the way, vocals are one of the highlights in “Degrees of Manipulation” due to the capacity of vocalist Justin Stear to perform much more than the obvious. The guy learned so well from the gallery of great vocalists. Drummer Derrick Kroll gives lots of insane contribution to all songs. The man plays with a neat technique. It’s so good to hear a band that pays the respects to old school bands and at the same time keeps the music updated. Ah, the good old times! Ah, Alphakill also keep the faith in writing rebel lyrics. That’s what we’re metalheads are here for.

It’s never too much to write about the guitar work in “Degrees of Manipulation” because of the mix of classic thrash technique with modern guitar playing. The guitar duo perform it with mastery. The album is full of what I call musical carnage as in “Morality Blurred” with its fierceful vocals and catchy guitar phrases and riffing. Pay attention to the mindblowing sick up and down scales in the end. with one more amazing guitar duel. I just love it.

“Degrees of Manipulation” is a great album for all Metal fans. It’s worth any penny you pay for it.

Alphakill “Degrees of Manipulation” was independently realised on November.

Track Listing:

  1. The Straw Man
  2. Thrashbringer
  3. Bow to No Man
  4. Morality Blurred
  5. Insomnia
  6. Monumental Hypocrisy
  7. Deadly Inaction
  8. In Hell
  9. Dominion
  10. Ghost

Watch “Morality Blurred” official video here: