Anthrax: This Is Our Most Underrated Song

Drummer Charlie Benante was asked by Songfacts to single out what he sees as the most underrated Anthrax song, to which he replied:

“This last album that we put out [2016’s “For All Kings”], we had a song called ‘Breathing Lightining.’

“It’s probably the most radio-friendly song we ever had, but because of that ‘heavy metal stigma’ that is always attached to us, we don’t get a fair shake in radio.

“It definitely was eligible for that type of thing, because when that song was being added to radio, I saw all the other songs that were on the charts and I thought to myself, ‘Well, this one has more accessibility than a lot of these songs.’

“The reason why these bands that are on the charts with songs is only because they’ve had radio prior to that. So, I just think that this whole way the music business is run and structured – especially nowadays – is just completely wrong.”