Antlers – Beneath. Below. Behold

It is raining dogs and cats this afternoon. Mother Nature at her best to show mankind how ridiculously small we are. That is exactly the same we feel when listening to Antlers “Beneath. Below. Behold,” which grandious and epic music makes us feel small. “Beneath. Below. Behold” bleeds emotion and agression from every pore. It is an album programmed to be grand with classical instrumental passages and very well-cared songs.

Well, let’s begin by the cover art which an astonishing view of a tormentous fictitious sea with some magical entity looking at it. I could not help it comparing with Disney’s “Fantasia.” It is not why I have read the press info about “Beneath. Below. Behold,” but looking at the cover art, one can actually feel all the introspection and melancholy within it, so much that a stupid popper would drag: “Nah, what a sad music!” Well, as we are not poppers, and we do understand that music is made of all kinds of human feelings, “Beneath. Below. Behold” is a great piece. Not to brag around, but Metal music is zillion years beyond. We are not here just to look at the sky and say “Ah, what a beautiful day!.” No way in hell. Our lives suck sometimes. Fair is not the precise word for this poor, sad, and lonely world. Antlers got it right capturing everything and making music out of it.

“Beneath. Below. Behold” is about fifty minutes of pure agony as a cry out for help as we all did once in our miserable lives. But it is also full of that black poetry that only a Metal effort could show. Only a few can get it right. Contradiction in a pure hegelian state of mind. “Theom” opens “Beneath. Below. Behold” as it should: epic, black, and grand. Guitar interventions amaze by the feeling they pass on us. It is not only the rhythmic part, but it also plays the big role of being a soundscape provider embellishing instrumental passages. “Lug’s Waters” closes it as it should: simple, classical, but effective.

Antlers “Beneath. Below. Behold” is for the strong at heart and will be available on April 06th via Totenmusik (CD) & Ván Records (Vinyl).

Track Listing:

  1. Theom
  2. Heal
  3. Nengures
  4. Beyond The Golden Light
  5. Metempsychosis
  6. Drowned In a Well
  7. Off With Their Tongues
  8. The Tide
  9. Lug´s Waters

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