ARIEL ARAYA On Her Father TOM ARAYA ‘My Dad and His Fellow Bandmates Helped Change the Thrash Genre Into What It Is Today. That’s Music History!’

The page Metal Pulp and Paper interviewed Ariel Araya, the daughter of Slayer’s Tom Araya. They discussed many interesting things on her life with his dad, her childhood sometimes on tour with the band, and with his granddaughter. Father and daughter relation has been a problem for some, but it seems that Ariel went through it very well. She was asked about what she would tell Tom’s granddaughter who he was. Take a look at her answer and read some more excerpts – read the full article here:

“When that day comes, I’ll be honest. My dad and his fellow bandmates helped change the thrash genre into what it is today. That’s music history! I think she’ll understand and be proud of him like we all are.”

About her childhood being the daughter of such a legend:

“Honestly, they never hid that from us. Dad was gone a lot, working of course. We knew he played music and traveled all over to perform. I guess it really sank in when some of my classmates’ parents fangirled over him and claimed to be fans, but the older I got I realized that they were just starstruck. Also traveling in the summer with him while he toured showed me how famous he was, because the shows were always so big, and seeing all those people in the crowd. It was definitely a crazy experience.”

“We got to experience traveling across the country, got to goto some cool awards shows like the Grammy’s and the Revolver Golden Gods Award show, and watching other great bands play with my dad on the road. And seeing the crazy fans get excited and happy when my dad took the stage. Those were definitely some great memories.”

“The only thing I really remember from that tour was being able to ‘adventure’ backstage by myself and riding my skateboard all in the band parking lots near the buses and playing video games on our bus when dad wasn’t playing. They made sure to bring ‘toys’ for us because there’s only so much a kid can do backstage at a metal show! We didn’t want to get in the way of people working so we just had family time together on the bus.”

On being a grandfather who sings to granddaughter:

“Yes he does! I’m not sure who the artist of the song is, but he’ll sing “Take You Riding in My Car” to her. He also sings any songs from the Minions movie soundtrack, like “Happy Together” by The Turtles. She gets the biggest baby doll eyes and laughs and showers him in kisses.”