As Strange As Angels – Mirror Mirror

I guess in Metal media press there is no other vehicle so democratic as Metal Addicts just because we give voice to all kinds of Metal even though the ones not so popular among metallers. A band as As Strange As Angels with “Mirror Mirror” would get a cold reception – to say the least – from other Metal webzines due to their Pop Metal mix – Yeah, I still use the term. as long as I sometimes turn my head to the subgenre, there are bands that still make me interested. As Strange As Angels are one of them. Their songs are pretty heavy with big guitars and some pounding drumming. Of course, if you are one of those purists, all the electronic effects and the sweet voice of first track “Mirror Mirror” will annoy you. Ok, then. In fact, what drove my attention to “Mirror Mirror” was the strong taste Bon Jovi in it. If it were some thirty years ago, this song would blast on every radio in America. But, neverthless, radios are long gone. So unfortunately, in my opinion.

“Mirror Mirror” has only four tracks, but we have to admit that As Strange As Angels were able to sucessfully imply their staple to it. It’s possible to say many things about As Strange As Angels, but not that they lack of personality. Track number two “Love and Death” means it. Love or hate it. I’d rather love it and its strong and big guitars and passionate vocals. Passion is really one thing that metallers respect. As Strange As Angels deal very well with the dual strong and soft façades they show in “Mirror Mirror.” Between the corpulent guitars there are some piano passages just to remind us that As Strange As Angels deal with Pop Metal no matter what.

So, my child of the night, open your mind – and ears – and give As Strange As Angels “Mirror Mirror” a chance. You won’t regreat it.

As Strange As Angels “Mirror Mirror” was released on March 15th.

Track Listing:

  1. Mirror Mirror
  2. Love and Death
  3. Days Go Bye
  4. Right Beside You

Watch “Mirror Mirror” official video here: