Autophagy – Bacteriophage Review

If evil were to have a human voice I bet Autophagy’s Adam would be the one. If hell were to have a soundtrack I bet “Bacteriophage” would be in the guest list with all the colors – hum, colors? In hell?  It seems like all the seven gates of hell were open and all demons, lost souls, tormented entities and all kind of the dark were set free on the surface of this sad and lomenly and pathetic little world. Well, to some extent, this is a compliment to a Death Metal band. For the record, the label Death Meytal is not in vain after all. In a sense, all Metal bands fight to be described like this except to some bands that didn’t understand the meaning of Metal music at all.

Musicwise, “Bacteriophage” bounces to the blind speed to the most cadenced and slow motion riffing and drumming as in the album tittle track. Vocals most of the time don’t actually follow the instrumentals not being as fast. This gives the tracks and the album a certain notion of being out of time but that’s only an impression. Slower vocals don’t usual mean the’re out of tempo. A constant trait in this album is the use of breaks during the songs to give – let’s say – the fan a chance to breath. Some breathing time is really necessary when we’re talking about a band as Autophagy. Lirically, the band explores the goregrind and the disgusting. Bacteriophage, for instance, is also known informally as a phage, is a duplodnaviria virus that infects and replicates within bacteria and archaea. The term was derived from “bacteria” and the Greek, meaning “to devour”. Autophagy consumption of the body’s own tissue as a metabolic process occurring in starvation and certain diseases. Both words are somewhat linked with the band lyrical content with tracks named “Eviscerated Remains” just to name the more blatant. It’s interesting how the guitars opted for lower than usual overtones. This decision gives even more heavyness to songs.

Autophagy with “Bacteriophage” is for initiated only. The music the band does here isn’t for everybody and I really doubt if the band wishes to change it.

Autophagy “Bacteriophage” will be released on September 30th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Infernal Miasma
  2. Abhorrent Abomination
  3. Sacrificial Spawn
  4. Beneath the Moss, Between the Roots
  5. Bacteriophage
  6. Eviscerated Remains
  7. Return to Charnal Hall
  8. Becoming
  9. Dawn of the Endless Plague

Watch “Sacrificial Spawn” official stream here: