B.E.E.R. – Blinded by Evil Review

I really thought that Burning Ponin “Arsonist of the Soul” would be my last review of 2021, but then I looked at my files and saw this B.E.E.R. with “Blinded by Evil” and I couldn’t resist to the name and said to myself that I had to review the album.

The press release labels B.E.E.R. “Blinded by Evil” as Thrash Metal. Well, not really. I mean, the instrumentals are Thrash oriented however the vocals are totally Death Metal. It would be fair to the band that B.E.E.R. would be considered a hybrid between Death/Thrash Metal. I guess it fits right. Ok, then. This mix proves to be real explosive. The frantic and high adrenalized instrumentals give the songs that spice. And when it comes to the vocals things get even heavier and harsher. I have no doubt in saying that “Blinded by Evil” is a great album. One of the best I’ve heard under this belt. The album gets the bst features of both Metal subgenres. It’s technical and harsh as Death Metal and acid and energized and cynical as Thrash Metal. So, the best of them all.

The amount of energy tracks as “B.E.E.R. Party” deliver is incredible. Listening to “Blinded by Evil” is like being on those big roller coasters where there is no time to even breath. The fan goes up and down so fast that it’s impossible even to think. That’s exactly the feeling while listening to most tracks of the album except for album opener “The End Is the Beginning” which is the slowest of all and gives the fan a doubtful hope. A little more about the vocals by Antonio Bram is that sometimes it sounds pretty near to Hardcore. It’s a kind of mix of the angry and wrathful vocals of hardcore with the death growl of Death Metal. Something like this. By the way, this vocal potency reminds a lot the legendary Hardcore icons Ratos de Porão’s João Gordo.

It’s very hard to pick only track of “Blinded by Evil” since I loved the powerhouse the band delivers. I got overwhelmed by the power and potency of all the songs included in the album. So, as it’s the last review of the year I won’t pick any.

See you next year, my dear fan!

B.E.E.R. “Blinded by Evil” was independently released on October 31st.

Track Listing:

  1. The End Is the Beginning
  2. Sick Prayer
  3. Black Like the Sky
  4. Nekromantik
  5. Party B.E.E.R.
  6. Thrashing the Christ
  7. Blinded World
  8. Beer Everywhere Everyday Ruthlessly
  9. I Hate the Living
  10. Genesis

Watch “Blinded World” official video here: