Band of Spice – By the Corner of Tomorrow Review

Curious. Very curious.

Here we’ve got an album that sparked my attention because it sounds the same, looks the same, but deep inside it sounds and looks different. Not to mention the very poetic album title. “By the Corner of Tomorrow” sounds so poetic to me that I keep wondering what it would be. What would be the corner of tomorrow? And how to be by the corner of tomorrow? No one knows. Or eveybody knows. Which one would be?

When I said more of the same I meant that Band of Spice built “By the Corner of Tomorrow” up with very known, and used – some may even say worn out -, features of Heavy Metal and Heavy Rock. In this mix the band added their own spice to make it unique. I’d say that this uniqueness comes from two things: the voice of a vocalist simply named Spice, and the mix of Heavy Metal and Heavy Rock. Spice has that kind of voice that many vocalists used to have back then. Harsh, hard, and passionate. That passion is the ingredient that spices the music as pepper by all means. The mix is something that from where I’m standing sounds pretty different because it doesn’t follow the rules. Band of Spice simply adds Heavy Rock features into their Metal. It’s not something thoroughful and careful thought. Well, at least, it doesn’t sound that way to me. The guitars, for instance, have the Heavy Rock tone. I dare to say that Spice, who also is the guitarist, uses only a Marshall valvestate amp and only. Ok, if I’m wrong, but it’s what they sound to me. Spice that with some generous doses of emotion and mellow guitar licks and riffings and you get the recipe.

When I heard opening track “The Fading Spot” I thought that it would one more Heavy Metal band with no personality. But that kept on changing as the album went on. By the fourth track “The Sharp Edge” I was thinking that there’s something unique here. The something unique was the title track “By the Corner of Tomorrow” with its acoustic guitar a a prominent bass doing what the guitar should be doing. The thing is that everybody expects the title track to be the heaviest of the album, or the fastest what “By the Corner of Tomorrow” certainly isn’t. All the poetic verve the title has, Band of Spice bounded here to follow the idea. The track is sweet without being cheesy or diabetic. That’s really an accomplishment.

Band of Spice “By the Corner of Tomorrow” was released on March 26th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Fading Spot
  2. Call out Your Name
  3. Tehom
  4. The Sharp Edge
  5. By the Corner of Tomorrow
  6. Midnight Blood
  7. Reglutina
  8. Cold Flames
  9. Rewind the Wind

Watch “The Fading Spot” official lyric video