BARK Is Alive And Barking Just ‘Like Humans Do’

BARK is the new pack of Antwerp stray dogs of extreme sound. Infectious dirty riffs and a voice that tears your speakers apart – they serve their tunes raw, unpolished, gritty and dark!
Their presentation on Roadburn 2015’s Hard Rock Hideout Show was described as “a boot to the ass” by Gazet van Antwerpen described their passage at Antwerp Metal Fest
2015 and 2016 as “legendary”. Graspop 2016, Into the Void Festival, support for Peter Pan Speedrock, support for Life of Agony and Madball, Sjock Rock, Zwarte Cross 2017,… BARK is
ready to hit any stage! Their debut album “Voice of Dog” (2016) got raving reviews from the media in Benelux and was described as “the most rabid release of the year”.
BARK just finished their second discharge, “Like Humans Do,” which was recorded and produced together with Martin Furia at Music City in Antwerp, Belgium, and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios in Denmark. Listen to the Sound of the Hound, listen to the Voice of Dog!

1. It’s All In Your Head (1:59)
2. Aftermath (2:48)
3. Last Man Standing (2:52)
4. Hollow Words (2:34)
5. Cannibal Law (2:35)
6. My Heart Is A Bone (3:27)
7. Like Humans Do (2:45)
8. A Tribute To San La Muerte (3:20)
9. Freedom To Hate (2:14)
10. Wild Thing (2:41)
11. Dog Life (3:14)
12. No Shelter (1:54)
13. Speak To The Dead (4:01)

Ron Bruynseels – vocals
Martin Furia – guitars
Rui da Silva – guitars
Jorn Van der Straeten – bass
Ward Van der Straeten – drums

The next bark of Bark with “Like Humans Do” will be on November 10th via Sound of the Hound Records.