Beat City Tubeworks – Top Rock

What if, just what if, Peter Criss left Kiss in the middle of the 1970s and founded a band with the same musical grip that his prior band?

Okay, did it?

Now, I have another question for you, my fan, to exercize your sick and twisted imagination. No, not Simone! You perv. I said sick and twisted… On second thought Simone is a babe… Nah! Get back here now. What if Kiss Gene “The Long-Tongued” Simmons likes so much the succe$$ of “Beth” and convinced Paul Stanley to give away vocals and have Peter Criss be the main singer?

Well, the outcome would be Beat City Tubeworks with “Top Rock,” if you ask me.

Okay, seriously. The fan that knows Kiss’s first efforts must recognize what I’m saying here. It’s the exact same adrenilized and full-of-distortion rock’n’rol vibe. Kiss from the seventies are back with full power.

Right, the guitar tone and play aren’t exactly Ace Frehley’s, but the power riffing and striking solos follow the rules. Pay close attention to “Fading to Grey” or “Archaic Approach,” this one reminding Ace Frehley’s guitar, and tell me what a powerhouse this is.

I know sometimes I overreact with my comparisons, but how does “Estranged” sound to you? If you agreed with me and said Kiss, you’re absolutely right. You can say I’m right. No shame at all.

From where I’m standing, it is so great to listen to this seventies vibe again. I justo love the adrenaline and the punch visceral rock still has to burn. This straightahead attitude and music are still very fresh even in these days. Better, they are needed these days. It only takes three or four guys, a drum kit, one or two guitar and a bass guitar to set this sad and lonely and pathetic planet on fire.

Neverthless, the vibe changes a bit when “Idiot Savant” comes with its jazzy background. But the main drive remains intact. “Top Rock” is top rock, I must say.

Beat City Tubeworks “Top Rock” was released on February 21st via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Roadrunner
  2. Succubus
  3. Ivory Wave
  4. Fading to Grey
  5. Estranged
  6. Archaic Approach
  7. The Joke’s on You
  8. Idiot Savant
  9. Take Two of These and Call Me in the Morning
  10. 80’s Forest Treasure = Hands of Sin

Watch “Fading to Grey” official music video here: