BEHEMOTH’S NERGAL Thought ‘The Satanist’ Might Have Been the Band’s Final Album

Behemoth Nergal

Behemoth’s Nergal in an interview to Talking Metal said that he thought “The Satanist” could have been their last album. Read here what he said:

“At that time, I was completely blank. I was out of any ideas. I had no idea which direction, which way I would or should go.”

“On one hand, it felt like we can go anywhere, but at that time, I was in oblivion. There was nothing there. I just decided to take it day by day and tour the record and see what happens, just go with the flow.”

“In the meantime, I did the ‘Me and That Man’ album, which I guess kind of helped to revive myself and come back to the Behemoth camp super-excited and passionate about making new music.”

On children’s choir on several songs on the new record:

“We had the whole kids’ choir being part of that experiment. I should go back to ‘Me and That Man,’ because that’s exactly where I did that for the first time.

“I used kids for the song ‘Cross My Heart and Hope to Die,’ and I really loved that experiment.

“As much as it fit the aesthetics of ‘Me and That Man,’ I was like, ‘With Behemoth, it might not work. It might sound very disturbing,’ which is actually the point why we play radical extreme music because we want to disturb people.

“The reason why we’re playing this is not to make people feel comfortable. It should be the very source of every extreme art-making. The main motif should be that.

“We need to shake the world. We need to make people uncomfortable and make them think and smack their faces.”