BillyBio – Feed the Fire

“Feed the Fire” is a pretty angry and energetic hardcore album. If I said this thirty years ago, it would be considered a redundancy because hardcore was thought to be angry and energetic. Well, since the rise of the so-called pop punk or whatever this isn’t the truth anymore. So, I can with no shred of doubt say that “Feed the Fire” is a pretty angry and energetic hardcore album. To be fair with Billy Bio (Biohazard), “Feed the Fire” is a tour on punk stylistic changes throughout the years.

I could highlight lots of moments in “Feed the Fire” but my likes go to the lyrics of “Generation Z” which has got everything a real punk attitude has to have: angry, wrath, call to a social rebellion, nonconformity, and rage, lots of rage. As the chorus say “A new generation that is kicking ass, Fought the world and the upper class, It’s a dog eat dog world, Nobody less.” From where I’m standing it’s just great, that’s the attitude. The album is completely full of calls for rioting. The track is an uptempo post-punk song with lots of guitar licks. Billy Bio features us that he can handle all the punk guitar playing.

The great thing about “Feed the Fire” is that against all odds it’s not a linear album. Some punk rock albums were kind of linear, I mean all tracks had the same taste, not “Feed the Fire.” One can feel Metal and Biohazard influences in songs as “Remedy Interlude” with it’s cool and sludge intro to a New York hardcore pounding which follows it in “Sodality.” “Rise and Slay” also has a Metal intro and guitar riffing. It’s the track which remarks Metal the most.

“Feed the Fire” is the album if you want to know what’s happening in hardcore. No, it’s not dead.

BillyBio “Feed the Fire” was released on November 30th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Freedom’s Never Free
  2. Feed The Fire
  3. No Apologies, No Regrets
  4. Generation Z
  5. Sick And Tired
  6. Remedy
  7. Sodality
  8. Rise And Slay
  9. STFU
  10. Trepidation
  11. Untruth
  12. Enemy
  13. Disaffected World

Watch “Freedom’s Never Free” official video here: