Bilwis – Hameln Review

Atmospheric Black Metal they say. Melodic Black Metal they also say. Both are subgenres that I think they are contradictory. I have the same opinion about Melodic Hardcore. There are genres that simply can’t be melodic or atmospheric because melody is a very incompatible with their spirit. Theoretically…

Every time I listen to an album labeled as Melodic Black Metal or Atmospheric Black Metal these thoughts come to my mind. Truth be told that when I listen to them all my castle of cards of thoughs quickly go with the wind. It’s a fact. Musicwise, both work fine. Moreover, when I hear an album as Bilwis “Hameln” I wonder why it’s taken so long to have them with us.

The concept of Bilwis comprises old European fairy tales and myths, clothing them in a garment of raw, yet melodic and Atmospheric Black Metal with German lyrics – a journey to the world of forgotten dreams, wolves, ghosts, dwarfs, mermaids, trolls, elves, vampires & giants. The band is perfectly able to pass all those to its music. Totengrund,” for instance commences with a very spiritual guitar lead wrapped by a chorus that scares the fan out of his skin. Its seven minutes are full of a mood that could be said to be spiritual though this spiritual can be discussed in many ways. The track is a journey to the unknown, if you know what I’m saying. The final guitar strumming is the something that brings the fan to the outer dimensions. That’s exactly  the spirit of “Hameln,” an album that shoulb be emotionless, but, in fact, it isn’t. Following track “Schicksalsberg” is more standard with a classic acoustic guitar strumming. However, suddenly, the acoustic guitar is overwhelmed by a stunning melody that comes from the very depts of this sadand lonely and pathetic little planet. Yeah, I guess Atmospheric Black Metal and Melodic Black Metal are here to stay.

Bilwis “Hameln” will be released on April 05th.

Track Listing:

  1. Ein Licht dort in der Nacht
  2. Hameln
  3. Hausgeister
  4. Das Gold in unserer Hand
  5. Gevatter Tod
  6. Trutz, Blanke Hans
  7. Totengrund
  8. Schicksalsberg
  9. 1284

Watch “Hameln” official lyric video here: